Common Note Purchase FAQs

Do you buy notes that are not secured by real estate?
Yes, almost all of our notes are secured only by assets of the business.

Do you appraise the value of the business assets that secure the note?
No. We use the assets as security but realize that their value will usually be less than the remaining balance of the note we are purchasing.

What size notes do you buy?
We buy notes up to $500,000. We have a minimum discount of $2,500 per transaction.

In which industries do you buy business notes?
We work with all types of industries - bakeries, restaurants, dry cleaners, laundries, convenience stores, or gas stations for example. We usually focus our attention on small and medium-sized enterprises.

How will my broker fee be paid?
Your commission will be paid directly to you by Security Financial when the transaction closes. The seller will get a separate check.

How much will my commission be?
Your commission is actually unlimited - we allow you to charge whatever commission the market will bear.

How long does it take to close a business note transaction?
We usually close no later than 15-20 working days after we have received all necessary documentation from the note holder. It really depends on the responsiveness and cooperation of the note holder - the sooner we get all documents the sooner we can close.

Do you buy part of a note or just the full amount of payments remaining?
We buy both partial and whole notes. It is to the seller's advantage to sell just part of the note if their cash needs are less than they would get from selling the whole note. We will gladly quote on a partial purchase.