Why Choose SFS

Why Note Brokers have consistently turned to Security Financial:

We use our own funds to offer fair, competitive pricing to note sellers. Our low cost of funds allows us to offer substantially lower discounts. Our yield requirements vary on a case-by-case basis but typically run in the 14% to 19% range.

Unlimited commissions. We allow brokers to charge ANY commission as long as the Note seller accepts the net lump-sum quote. Put more money in your pocket today.                    

Fast approval and closings. Going through Security Financial will save you time. We have the know-how to quickly make a bid, underwrite, and fund a note. No loan committees. Once we’ve received the  executed closing documents, we’ll send Note Brokers a commission check and a separate check for the Note proceeds to the seller.                  

No up-front or processing fees. Our quotes are net, with no additional costs to you or the note seller.

The majority of our note brokers are repeat customers. We aim to create a lasting relationship with our brokers.